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However, with the help of a skilled Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney, you can fight to avoid the harshest of consequences. Marc A. Joseph, P.A. is a Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney with more than 18 years of experience advocating for his clients, no matter how minor or severe the criminal charges are.Or even if you are found to be in violation, a Tampa VOP attorney could mitigate the sentence and have you placed back on probation to allow you time to successfully complete the original sentence, avoiding jail or prison. Hillsborough County felony vop hearings are particularly unique.What Happens if You Violate Probation in Florida? Under Florida law, a Violation of Probation (VOP) occurs when a criminal defendant violates the terms of their probationary punishment. An accusation that you have violated your probation must always be taken seriously. Those who are found in violation may potentially face some very stiff penalties.If you have been placed on probation or community control and are now being accused of violating the conditions of probation or community control, be sure to contact experienced tampa vop attorney marc A. Joseph, P.A. immediately in order to preserve and protect your legal rights.The serial number was scratched off the gun. She has prior arrests for battery, battery on a law enforcement officer, and battery on an education employee, among other charges. "The school staff and.Tampa Probation Violation; Tampa Violation of Community Control; tampa bond hearing; tampa Bay Area VOP or VOCC; If you have violated your probation, have a community control violation or will be attending a bond hearing in Tampa, Florida, contact criminal defense attorney Lori D. Palmieri today. Other Criminal Charges"It is my mission to provide nothing but the highest quality legal representation in the Tampa Bay Area." William B. Wynne, Esq.Areas of Practice Tampa Criminal Attorney, tampa dui attorney, Driving Under the Influence, Appeals, Post Conviction, Traffic Tickets, Expungement in Florida, Drug Charges, Violation of Probation, Car Accidents, Personal Injury READ MORECriminal DefensePersonal.Probation violation is a serious crime in Florida. If you have been accused, call Thomas & Paulk’s criminal defense lawyers in Tampa! Call 813-321-7323 for a free consultation.A Tampa probation violations lawyer from Adamy Law Firm are able to assist you in successfully overcoming charges. Call us today and let get back you on the road legally!!!