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This video,, can also be seen at Treating Lyme Disease Naturally Without Antibiotic Drugs Health Impact News Editor Comments: We previously published an article exposing why the CDC has suddenly come out and finally acknowledged that the number of people suffering from Lyme disease is much higher than what is being reported.A naturopathic physician who is truly passionate about helping people like you achieve greater health. Knowing that the word "doctor" means "teacher", she strives to teach people how they can be well.He’s the television personality and DJ who revealed, in March, that he was battling Lyme disease. And after a protracted absence from social media, Didier Cohen ,33, made a return to Instagram on.Media personality & LDAA ambassador Didier Cohen talks candidly about his battle with Lyme disease. In 2007 Didier started suffering severe stomach problems & after having a ‘bunch’ of tests, Australian doctors kept telling Didier he was fine. Fast forward 10 years & Didier was diagnosed with late stage Lyme disease.Natural Health Approach Coriee will be guiding guests towards healthier food choices through weekly workshops and special events. Coriee will also be a regular article contributor.lyme disease treatment Success Story from Joe. By Joe Klare. Lyme Disease is a very painful disease that can start off with flu-like symptoms and progress into painful muscles and joint swelling. More severe effects include paralysis and heart palpitations and if untreated can spread to the heart and brain.Lyme Disease | Chris’s Story. Johns Hopkins Medicine. 2 years ago. Chris Harris was infected with Lyme Disease from a deer tick bite. He chose the Johns Hopkins Lyme Disease Research Center for treatment. Chris shares his. The Impact Of Lyme Disease. LivingHealthyChicago.CDC currently recommends a two-step testing process for Lyme disease. Both steps are required and can be done using the same blood sample. If this first step is negative, no further testing is recommended. If the first step is positive or indeterminate (sometimes called "equivocal"), the second.This year felt like my first year all over again.’ Bella, who was diagnosed with Lyme disease 2012 which forced her to give up her dream of being an Olympic equestrian, added: ‘Emotionally, physically.A Lyme Disease patient success stories playlist. lyme disease can be a challenging disease. Many who suffer or who have suffered with this disease know that it can be difficult.