apricot seeds for cancer treatment

This video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKZ75B2YG0E, can also be seen at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR0Y7icMoXgQZaepRkJlHzg.But the complete function of amygdalin is hidden because the fact that laetrile or B17, a concentrated extract from apricot amydgalins, can cure cancer is taboo. Supressing a safe cancer cure Laetrile or B17, was developed by san francisco researcher dr. ernst krebb in 1952 by liquefying and purifying amygdalin from apricot seeds so it could be injected into cancer patients.Some believe apricot kernels can fight or prevent cancer. Vale is not alone in believing that apricot kernels – the soft, almond-like seeds found inside apricot pits – can fight or prevent cancer. · I have read a lot about apricot seeds as a cure for cancer, and am confused. In an article it stated that apricot seeds don’t help cure cancer if one has had chemotherapy. Do you know if this this true? I have had chemo treatment for ovarian cancer (iiic), but only want to keep use natural remedies from now on, to keep it from reoccuring.Apricots kernels contain a substance known as laetrile that has become touted as an “alternative” cancer treatment despite there being no. poisoning from taking too much self-prescribed apricot.He also beat cancer. Twice, doctors told him that he had fatal tumors. And twice, he survived. The second time, he refused radiation and chemotherapy in lieu of an alternative treatment consisting of.Laetrile is a partly man-made (synthetic) form of the natural substance amygdalin. Amygdalin is a plant substance found in raw nuts, bitter almonds, as well as apricot and cherry seeds. Plants like lima beans, clover and sorghum also contain amygdalin. Some people call laetrile vitamin B17.When he woke up, the man told doctors he had been taking a daily dose of two teaspoons of homemade apricot kernel extract for five years. He also took three daily tablets of a herbal fruit kernel.This is a follow-up on my journey I think it’s week 101 Just saying hello to my fans out there and sharing. god bless.Are apricot seeds an alternative treatment for cancer that might work? Or are they a dangerous health risk to humans that may even results in death? We look at the facts behind apricot kernels.